デンゲキニンテンドーDS2月号 [漫画]

「星のカービィ プププヒーロー」はカービィがサンタに扮して大活躍。

「ぼくらはカセキホリダー」(Fossil Fighters)はリュウマに最強の仲間が。
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ぼくらはカセキホリダー(Fossil Fighters Manga)

スーパーカセキホリダー(Fossil Fighters Champions Manga)

Fossil Fighters Manga
Episode 21
★Automatic translation. So there is a mistranslation. I'm sorry.
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(Achisuna desert)
Vivian "Boy!"
Vivian "This is not the case you are doing this!"
fossil fighters21-02.jpg
Vivian "After one day, humans are going to disappear!" "It is not the case to dig fossils ..."
Hunter "What shall we do then?"
Vivian "What?" "Uh ..."
Vivian "Snivels !! Rex !!" "Tell him !!"
Rex "Throw a stone towards a spaceship !!"
Snivels "Put an umbrella, prevent degenerating rays!"
Hunter "Fossil radar ..."
fossil fighters21-03.jpg
Hunter "It's a terrific reaction!" "This powerful reaction is the first time ..."
Hunter "Wow!"
Hunter "The energy response was too strong, the radar broke ..." "No doubt !!"
Hunter "Underground here" "A wonderful fossil is buried!"
fossil fighters21-04.jpg
Rosie "We can not go to the spaceship !?"
Dr. Diggins "Calm down, Rosie !!"
Rosie: "Well, you say you just wait for us to be erased?"
Dr. Diggins "Duna, can we get a transfer device ...?"
Duna "As long as we are on the earth ..." "Impossible !!"
fossil fighters21-05.jpg
Dr. Diggins "... something" "There is no breakthrough ...!?"
Staff "Doctor !! It is serious !!" "Hunter ..."
Staff "He has brought huge fossils!"
Hunter "Pull it !! Tricera !!"
fossil fighters21-06.jpg
Dr. Diggins "Here, this is ..."
Duna "What's the size ..."
Hunter "I found it in the Atisuna desert, Doctor !!" "Maybe he can win King Dynal!"
Duna "Hunter · · ·" "Sorry, we have no more chances ..."
Raptin "It's a bad guy who gives up"
fossil fighters21-07.jpg
Duna "Ra ..." "Raptin !!"
Duna "You, what have you come to do ..."
Raptin "Here !!"
Duna "What?"
Duna "This is !!" "Portable transfer equipment !!"
fossil fighters21-08.jpg
Duna "Raptin, you ..."
Raptin "Oops, do not misunderstand!"
Raptin "I did not recognize humans !!" "Only ..."
Raptin "I just came to return that kind of spirit to that hot-blooded fool!"
Hunter (grabbed, Raptin !!)
Duna "Ah ..."
fossil fighters21-09.jpg
Raptin "It's a secret to King Dynal!"
Duna "Wait, wait, Raptin !!"
Raptin 'What ?!'
Raptin "Wow !!"
fossil fighters21-10.jpg
Duna "Raptin !!"
Dr. Diggins "Dinosaur Robo !!"
Raptin "I failed ..." "I was followed by them ..."
Duna "Raptin, stay away !!"
Duna “Ha!!"
fossil fighters21-11.jpg
Duna "... What?" "This robot ..."
Dr. Diggins "Weak point of the throat is · · ·"
Duna "Enhanced !!"
Raptin 'Duna !!'
fossil fighters21-12.jpg
Raptin "What is that Vivosaurs ...?"
Duna "Vivosaurs wearing flames ..." "No way this is Hunter's ..."
fossil fighters21-13.jpg
Duna "New Vivosaurs !!"
Hunter "Humans and Earth Vivosaurs ..." "Never give up !!"
Hunter "Let's show them!"
fossil fighters21-14.jpg
fossil fighters21-15.jpg
Duna "I can not believe it ..."
Vivian "That dinosaur robot is in a moment ..."
Raptin "Evaporated ...!"
fossil fighters21-16.jpg
Hunter "This is my new Vivosaurs !!" "New Power !!"
Dr. Diggins "Breakthroughs are now ..." "Opened !!"
Hunter "Go, T-Rex !!" "To the universe !!"

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